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Yes we do. All items can be delivered via mail or transport service anywhere in the world.

After we receive and process your order, you will receive a letter via E-mail with a payment agreement which you can pay via several methods.

    a. Bank currency transfer (wire) you can do so in any bank you have an account in. We can send you the information needed for such transaction.
    b. Paypal. A Paypal address will be provided for your payment. 10% Paypal fee will apply.

Our payment agreement is a standard form. We only change the name of the recipient and the list of purchased items. Sometimes, your bank employee is not experienced enough to handle such transaction, in this case please ask for a supervisor or go to a different bank. in 99% of the cases, there is no problem with wire transfer. If you still have a problem please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you.

We use Bel Post as our standard carrier or EMS for expedited delivery to the address provided by you. Cost of the delivery will depend on weight of the package and calculated by the prices of Bel Post

More exact information can be obtained here:

Orders are completed in order of arrival. Production time, at the moment, is 60 working days from the complete payment of the order. If the ordered items can be found in the warehouse, then shipping will be much faster.

Yes. For orders for uniforms from size 60 (RU) and larger, as well as with an increase of 189 cm and above, a higher rate applies, with a surcharge of 10% or more. For products that are made out according to individual tailoring, an additional margin of + 25% is applied

Yes, you can return purchased goods and money paid to us, subject to certain conditions. Return terms are indicated on the “Refund & Returns Policy” page.

You can check the status of your order after 5-10 working days after its registration on our website. This is due to several steps of your order:

  • Agreement with you of the order and payment details
  • Coordination of production terms with production department
  • Order entry into the workflow system

After these steps your order will appear in the «Order Tracking» list:

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