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Product care rules

On the pages of our site are presented many samples of military-historical uniforms. All of them are made with their own characteristics and from different types of fabrics and materials that require separate care, we have to remember about that. And naturally, everyone wants clothes to remain in perfect condition even after many reconstructions, and leather goods look like new. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. It is enough just to get used to properly care for things and do it regularly, because the appearance of products strongly depends on how they are used and stored. It is very important to know what material the product is made of – this will help you determine which washing, ironing and different types of cleaning can be applied to it.

Each fabric requires a special treatment. Caring for linen is not like how you should handle wool, so when ordering, pay attention to the component materials of the product. And according to this table, you will see “icons” briefly informing about what you can do with a particular thing.

Before washing or dry cleaning, it is necessary to remove metal and wooden buttons from the product, sleeve insignia and other insignia (chevrons, buttonholes, etc.)

Leather goods care:

Products made of genuine leather must be regularly treated with special water-repellent agents, and the front and inner surfaces must be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.

  • Do not dry a leather product near heating devices.
  • Avoid splashing sea salt, mineral salt, perfume, acetone, gasoline, etc.
  • Do not expose a genuine leather product to mechanical stress. Do not store a genuine leather product in a plastic bag.

And of course, we must not forget to clean and dry each product in a timely manner. Choose hangers according to the size of your clothes – this will exclude deformation of the product. Out-of-season uniforms are best kept in special clothing bags, and fur and woolen items should be tucked away in a tightly closed but occasionally ventilated wardrobe. It is better to replace naphthalene with special products from a clothing store, lavender, citrus zest or dried cloves.

Remember about these simple rules, and Schuster,s uniforms and equipments will be in good condition during your reenact battles and other events in your reenact life.


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