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Cup holder set M3-2475-S

$ 20.0 per item

Made in USSR. The design has remained unchanged for over 70 years.

Field book M3-2463-R

$ 20.0 per item

Each commander of the Red Army was obliged to have one in his field bag.

Means of communications M3-2397-R

$ 20.0 per item

Manual for RKKA connectors. 44 pages.

Plasch cape tent (Military Publishing – 1938) M3-2400-R

$ 20.0 per item

Manual for soldiers of the Red Army. 36 pages.

Portioned bags (Порционные мешки) M3-007-R

$ 10.0

Each soldier and commander of the Red Army relied set portioned bags hosted an emergency ration of food. Packed Lunches hovered in the knapsack or grocery bags.

Case for needles, threads and buttons (Чехол для швейных принадлежностей) M3-013-R

$ 10.0 per item

In the case, the soldiers wore: a set of needles, threads, buttons, pieces of cloth for patches.

Purse (Кошелек) M3-025-R

$ 15.0 per item

A copy of the purse produced in the Soviet Union before the war and used as the civilians and soldiers of the Red Army.

Salt cellar (Солонка (из столовой комсостава РККА)) M6-082-S

$ 5.0 per item

The original porcelain salt produced in the USSR, for dining commanders of the Soviet Army.

Soap soldier (tar) (Мыло солдатское (дегтярное)) M3-010-R

$ 5.0 per item

Natural soap with high bactericidal properties. Made from birch tar.

TOBACCO POUCH (Кисет) M3-031-R

$ 10.0 per item

A bag for tobacco, made for soldiers of the Red Army by children, wives, sisters and mothers.