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Schuster - Пошив военной формы на заказ
Minsk, Belarus

 +375-17-340-02-41 (Tel.)
Mn - Fr, from 09:00 to 18:00
Warehouse - from 09:00 to 17:30
Closed: St, Sn

Custom sewing

As making clothes according to your personal measurements takes more time a 15% surcharge is added to the cost.

  1. How to measure your body correctly.

    Measurements - main measurements of persons body obtained by careful measuring with tailor's tape.

    It is important to take the measurements very carefully because mistakes in them can lead to inaccuracies in the pattern. Such pattern in this case will not reflect particular shape of your body leading to a garment that will not fit properly.

    That is why it is important that such measurements are taken by a professional tailor !!!

    The person being measured should be dressed lightly. One needs to stand easy and relaxed maintaining your regular posture. One can mark the waist of the figure with a string, please place it evenly horizontal.

    Please take measurements with soft tailor's tape with accuracy to the one whole unit. Do not slacken the tape or synch it too tight.

    Please take measurements in accordance with the chart provided below. It will illustrate which measurements are required to make your uniform properly.

    All measurements should be in centimeters.

  2. Please provide your exact size

  3. For fitted garments (Kitel , shirt, greatcoat)
  4. 1. Growth (Рт)
    Неверный Ввод
  5. 2. Neck (Ош)
    Неверный Ввод
  6. 3. Chest (Ог)
    Неверный Ввод
  7. 4. Waist (От)
    Неверный Ввод
  8. 5. Circumference of thigh (Об)
    Неверный Ввод
  9. 6. The width of the shoulder (Шпл)
    Неверный Ввод
  10. 7. Sleeve Length (Др)
    Неверный Ввод
  11. For head gear
  12. 8. Circumference of head (Огл)
    Неверный Ввод
  13. For slacks or britches
  14. 1. Growth (Рт)
    Неверный Ввод
  15. 4. Waist (От)
    Неверный Ввод
  16. 5. Circumference of thigh (Об)
    Неверный Ввод
  17. 9. Length of trousers (to floor) (Дбр)
    Неверный Ввод
  18. 10. Circumference of thigh (Обд)
    Неверный Ввод
  19. 11. Circumference of the knee (Окл)
    Неверный Ввод
  20. 12. Circumference of calf (Оглн)
    Неверный Ввод
  21. Please provide proper names or product codes on our site(*)
    Неверный Ввод
  22. Provide your exact information
  23. Name(*)
    Please type your full name.
  24. E-mail(*)
    Invalid email address.
  25. Phone
    Неверный Ввод

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