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Schuster - Пошив военной формы на заказ
Minsk, Belarus

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Шапка-ушанка М1940
Шапка-ушанка М1940
Шапка-ушанка М1940
Шапка-ушанка М1940
Шапка-ушанка М1940

Winter cap (Ushanka) M1940 - b (Шапка-ушанка М1940 (искусственный мех)

Code: M3-079-Ga

Price per item
Price: 93,69 бел. руб.

Dear Customers:
To place an order please fill out the bottom of the table with your dimensions.

☆How to choose your size☆
Head circumference
Price: No additional charge

NOTE: When ordering clothes of size 58 and greater and when your height is 192 cm and above, the fabric consumption increases, therefore, a 15% surcharge is added to the cost.
If you want to have products made to your personal measurements, with the peculiarities of your figure taken into account, we recommend using the option ★Custom sewing★

★Custom sewing★

Completing materials - cloth, batting, coarse calico, artificial fur, ribbons..
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